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Can ANY Boss BREAK THROUGH Leyndell? - Elden Ring
Can ANY Boss BREAK THROUGH Leyndell? - Elden Ring d l 182 Views • 5 months ago

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In this elden ring video I'm testing whether any of the strongest bosses in elden ring can break through the capital city of Leyndell.
To test this I spawned some of the most powerful defence bosses the city has and had them activate one after the other to protect the city from the assault.
These bosses include the tree sentinel duo, a golem, a gargoyle, a weaker version of morgott, a draconic tree sentinel and a spirit version of Godfrey.


00:00 Intro
0:39 Godrick
1:14 Rennala
1:49 Gideon Ofnir
3:27 Morgott
5:41 Radahn
6:56 Radagon
9:55 Godskin Duo
13:10 Mogh
17:39 Malenia
23:28 Maliketh
27:18 Godfrey/Hoarah Loux

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Grand Theft Auto 6: Trailer (FANMADE)
Grand Theft Auto 6: Trailer (FANMADE) Gillian Fim 591 Views • 7 months ago


Thousands of hours went into creating this. I had a blast creating this series, thanks for tagging along on this journey to make our Fanmade GTA 6 trailer. So proud of how it turned out💙

for Rockstar ;)
This is just a fun parody fanmade trailer, I made everything myself using my own assets. None of Rockstars properties were used. I'm not giving anything away, this isn't a game ok thanks😊

Voice Over: EddieContento (Fiverr)
GTA 6 logo made by Loopinnu
Thanks to all of you for supporting this series💙

2nd Channel: @Ryan12th
Instagram: @ 12thhours