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Ram Katha by Ram Swaroop Ji Maharaj Part 2|| Bhagwan ParashuRam Samvaad|| Manglam ||

11 Views • 15 March 2022


Ram Katha by Acharya Ram Swaroopacharya Ji Maharaj -
-Ram Katha by Acharya Ram Swaroop Ji Maharaj || Bhagwan ParashuRam Samvaad|| Manglam || Jagat Guru Acharya Ram Swaroop Ji Maharaj told in this video a beautiful and inspiration Story of Bhagram Shri Ram Chandra ji Mata Seeta , Guru Vishvamitra and Brother Laxma ji & Bhagwanm Parashuram Ji Maharaj. Manglam Channel Presents the Bhagwan Parashuram Samvaad During Shri Ram Vivah at the Janak Pur Mithila The Home Town of Mata Seeta, Where Shri Ram present with his guru Vishwamitra and yonger brother Shri Laxman ji. In the Mithila there is a function of Swayambar of Mata Seeta is going on and the Ram Laxman with his Guru Biswamitra are participating in this function, According to the terms and conditions of Swayambar Shri Ram Bhagwan brock the Boy of Lord Shiva and win the competetion and able to accept the Mata Seeta like his wife and life partner. The Function is just going on and due to brock of Shiva Dhanush The Bhagwan Parashuram came in palace in angree m,ood........ what happened next ....???
Watch this part 1 and part 2 to get good meditation step.

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