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The Best Design Gypsum Pillar Decoration With Antique Colour | Interior Design| Gypsum Decoration.

21 Views • 17 September 2022
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The Best Design Gypsum Pillar Decoration With Antique Colour | Interior Design| Gypsum Decoration.2022 জিপসাম সিলিং ডেকোরেশন Nova Gypsum Decoration

In this video, We will Show Gypsum The Best Design Gypsum Pillar Decoration With Antique Colour | Interior Design| Gypsum Decoration.

Nova Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum Decoration & Interior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nova Gypsum Decoration has been serving all over Bangladesh for fifteen years as a Gypsum Decoration & Interior Design Company Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are highly skilled and experienced for interior design. We provide services all over the country as the largest Gypsum Decoration and Interior design Company. As a Gypsum Board Company in Bangladesh, we provide best quality gypsum board. Gypsum board prices in Bangladesh are varied but we offer lowest price for all Gypsum board. Our products are Ceiling Rose, Ceiling Strip, Cornis Corner, Cornis Strip, Design Glass, False Ceiling, Gypsum Gate, Gypsum Pillar, Gypsum Wall and Kitchen cabinet.

Nova gypsum decoration provides all types of gypsum decoration and interior design services to all of Bangladesh. We are using the perfect size & measurements original china ditch for all the gypsum wall decorations. All our gypsum decorations are made by hand from the finest gypsum cataplasm, which reproduces the finest detail and gives a fully different look to ultramodern machine-made products, traditional designs made in the traditional manner giving a truly authentic finish.

If you want to design your home or office or restaurant's ceiling just contact us. Our expert team will discuss with you about our service, working quality, price estimate, the new design also what you want. We have 24/7 free customer service to always help you. Just feel free & call us and ask if you have any questions about our service, experience, portfolio, team members, working process, terms & conditions, our deadline, price, and more.

Our Services:
Ceiling Strip
Ceiling Rose
False Ceiling
Gypsum Wall Decoration
Room Decoration
Gypsum TV Design
Design Glass
Kitchen cabinet
Original Mould
Colour Gypsum
Antique Color Paint
Gypsum Board
Cornis Strip
Cornis Corner
Gypsum Gate
Gypsum Pillar

You Can Follow -
Our Website Link:
Contact: 0175599705

You Can Visit Our Playlist:

Gypsum Ceiling Decoration:

Gypsum Bedroom Decoration:

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Gypsum Wall Decoration:

Gypsum Pillar Decoration:

Our Showroom:

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We are ready to serve you. If you need any service from us, you can call us using the above numbers. Otherwise you can visit our office or showroom for the best interior decoration service.

Showroom: 6No, East Shewarapara (Main Road) Begum Rokeya Sharoni, Mirpur Dhaka -1216, Bangladesh
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Mohamed Lamaini
Mohamed Lamaini
9 months ago


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