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NoCode Revolution | Where to start with NoCode Tools
NoCode Revolution | Where to start with NoCode Tools lowcodera _ 13 Views • 1 year ago

No-code tools are software development platforms that allow even non-technical employees to build and deploy their own applications, without needing to write a single line of code. The hype is real and I am getting very excited about what is available right now. In this video I cover the basics ins and outs of nocode and some of my favorite tools. Remember to Subscribe

Content of the video
0:00 - Intro
0:55 - What is the NoCode revolution?
1:54 - Isn't hand-coding better?
2:40 - Will NoCode replace developers?
3:07 - What NoCode tools should I use?
3:35 - Website NoCode tools
5:03 - Mobile app NoCode tools
6:33 - Bonus NoCode tools
8:30 - Finishing it all up

Benefits of No-Code -------------------------------------
1. Faster turn around time for building websites and apps
2. Fewer issues with the handoff process between designer and developer
3. Independence for creators that don't know a dev, have the budget for a dev, or want to work alone

NoCode Tools I am excited about right now -------------------------------------
Webflow -
EditorX -
Bravo -
Supernova -
Notion -
Anima -
Play -


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What is Low Code?
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