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Code Black Turkey Pattern Test, Long Beard XR vs Remington Nitro, Patternmaster! Benelli M2
Code Black Turkey Pattern Test, Long Beard XR vs Remington Nitro, Patternmaster! Benelli M2 Allen Scott 23 Views • 3 years ago

In preparation for the fall turkey season, we were out testing the Patternmaster Code Black Turkey choke tube with the Winchester Long Beard XR vs the Remington Nitro Turkey. We also tested the factory “turkey choke”. The factory choke was laughable at best, but the Winchester XR out of the Benelli M2 was perfect. Not to tight of a pattern, just enough forgiveness and still a very tight pattern even at 40 yards. I would easily take a shot at 50-60 yards with this Patternmaster Code Black Turkey choke with the Winchester Long Beard XR shells.!
If you want to learn more about Patternmaster, Here is a link!
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Long Range Bullets (3/4) Maximize your .308 Winchester's Potential! ~ Rex Reviews
Long Range Bullets (3/4) Maximize your .308 Winchester's Potential! ~ Rex Reviews Allen Scott 9 Views • 3 years ago

Is it possible for the .308 Winchester with 168 grain bullets to keep up with the .300 Winchester Magnum out to 1,500 meters? With propriety bullet design from modern manufacturers like Alco, the answer is YES. In this video, Rex does comparative analysis of various 168 grain .308 caliber long range bullets to determine the best choice for long range applications. With many .308 Winchester rifles being configured for lighter varmint hunting bullets using slow 1 in 12 inch twist rates, the heavier long range bullet choices are often limited to 168 grains and under. This has limited many rifles to shoot inside 1,000 meters for a long time. However with new technology, there are new ultra-low drag bullets in 168 grain .308 caliber which can keep up with the 190 grain Sierra Matchkings being sent from the much more powerful .300 Win Mag. Watch this video for the full details!

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Song Title: Particle Jam, She's a Minefield
Music and Lyrics by: TiborasaurusRex
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Alco Bullets Review
Alco Bullets Review Allen Scott 27 Views • 3 years ago

The first thing I'd like to say is thanks to Alco Bullets for sending me some test samples. It's to bad my rifle doesn't like these, they sure are well made bullets. You would be hard pressed to find a more consistent bullet.
With any luck, they will shoot for other folks better than me. My rifle also won't shoot Sierra bullets, usually these are great to!

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