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【4K】Tokyo Shibuya at night of 2017
【4K】Tokyo Shibuya at night of 2017 gbrlsantana 47 Views • 1 year ago

Shibuya is one of Tokyo cities known for various youth entertainment places. You can find here different shops, bars, karaoke, bowling and etc. Near most crowded cross you can find Hachiko statue.
Walking around Shibuya station from 7pm. Going through Hachiko with cat, girls, shops, more girls, street musicians, girls again, restaurants, girls, micro-bars and back to the station.

Route (red)
Time 06/15 around 7pm

00:00 Start from JR Shibuya station
00:49 Cat sleeping with Hachiko statue
05:50 Center-Gai street
14:10 109
20:20 Scramble cross
22:26 South exit
27:39 Going underground
39:11 Loft
40:27 Bershka
43:12 Scramble cross

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