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Diana Scharf "Inertia.js" - Laracon US 2023 Nashville
Diana Scharf "Inertia.js" - Laracon US 2023 Nashville testingdemo123 45 Views • 4 months ago

In this informative session, "Inertia.js," Diana Scharf takes the stage at the, delves into the exciting world of Inertia.js.

As an experienced developer at Beyond Code and an Inertia.js enthusiast, Scharf shares valuable insights on how Inertia.js has recently become a first-party Laravel package, signaling its official integration with the framework.

Get a deep understanding of Inertia.js and its seamless fusion with Laravel, unlocking new possibilities in creating modern, single-page applications without compromising on the familiar Laravel development experience.

With practical demonstrations and real-world examples, this talk empowers developers to harness the power of Inertia.js to build dynamic, interactive web applications more efficiently and elegantly.

Whether you're a seasoned Laravel developer or new to Inertia.js, this session offers a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of this groundbreaking integration.

Recorded Live at Marathon Music Works on July 19th, 2023.