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Business news: China Imports Jumps 30%+, 🇮🇳 $1 Trillion by 2030, Open AI, Google, Paytm, Telsa, Tcs

40 Views • 30 April 2024
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japanese yen falls to lowest levels since April, Early-stage startup funding falls 29%, India's e-commerce to become $1 Trillion by 2030. Watch the whole video to know more.

#geopolitics #hotissue #re8centnews #breakingnews #currentissue #businessnews #rbi #sensex #business #voice #lapaasvoice we help you to learn,understand and update all the current affairs related to the business and startup world. We are not only a news channel but your guide to understand all complex economy, business, current affairs.

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Time Stamp:

00:00 Intro
00:04 China goods imports jump to 30% in last 15 years
01:30 India's e-commerce to become $1 Trillion by 2030
02:45 Early-stage startup funding falls 29% in FY24
03:57 Audio brand “boult” eyes public listing in 2025
04:19 Usa rejects 31% shipments of mdh and everest
04:38 Govt ask amazon, flipkart add ONDC on their home pages
05:36 AI to replace all centre in the next 12 months - TCS CEO
06:48 Apple to launch their first AI-powered ipad on 7 may
08:13 Apple intensifies open ai talks for iPhone AI features
08:41 Open-AI sign licensing deal with the Financial Times
09:26 Tesla- baidu china tieup full self driving hurdle in China
10:07 Yes bank-paytm tiep up UPI transactions surge 50%
10:27 Google layoff entire Python team as cost-cutting
10:49 YouTube to show ads on paused videos in near future
11:05 Japanese yen falls to lowest levels since April 1990
11:18 Japan’s Sharp Corp to invest $5 billion in india
11:37 Dominos q1 results beat expectations, share up 4%
12:06 Ola cab ceo quits in just 3 months of operations
12:32 Chingari Game Zone venture into the Web3 gaming
12:52 Market

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