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Let Go of Past Beauty Beliefs To Embrace The

15 Views· 24 October 2019
Jerome Christele
Jerome Christele
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Let go of past beauty beliefs to embrace the « Less is More » attitude. https://frenchpharmacy.com/

The skincare brainwashing started in the late ‘50s and ‘60s from all the cosmetic companies. They sold everyone that idea that you will dry with age. This is absolutely NONSENSE.

When it comes to applying skincare products, it’s not always better to apply more as the skin gets addicted to replacement moisture and then stops supplying its own hydration from within the body. And your natural hydration is what really keeps skin healthy and young.

As you break the addiction of harsh chemicals, harsh, abrasive, skin-aggravating ingredients, and over skincare usage, your skin may feel dry and irritable, your skin may feel like it’s missing something but the withdrawal is worth it!

frenchpharmacy.com beauty brands are designed to work hand in hand with the skin biology to offer maximum EFFICACY, TOLERANCE, and OPTIMAL REGENERATIVE solutions to today’s multiple skin needs.

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