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Mercy/Tremble Medley feat Ahjah Walls | Housefires (Official Music Video)

143 Views • 24 July 2023
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Official Music Video for “Mercy/Tremble Medley" feat Ahjah Walls by Housefires

“Mercy/Tremble” was written by Chris Brown, Jason Ingram, and Dante Bowe. Is from Housefires’ new album, “How To Start A Housefire Part 2” available now!

Stream Mercy/Tremble from “How To Start A Housefire Part 2” Available Now!

Verse 1
I’m living proof Of what the mercy of God can do
If You knew me then You’d believe me now He turned my whole life upside down
He took the old and He made it new
That’s just what the mercy of God can do

Now I’m alive to tell the story
How I’ve overcome It’s His goodness and mercy And the power of His blood I’m so glad that my freedom Wasn’t based on what I’ve done
But His goodness and mercy
And the power of the blood

Verse 2
Thought I deserved To be six feet beneath the earth For all the things I’ve done
The things I’ve said
The choices made that I regret
Oh I would still be lost
But for the mercy of God

Was the cross meant for me
That my Savior carried
Now I’ve been made free
By the mercy of God Was the grave meant for me Where my sin lay buried
Now I stand redeemed By the mercy of God

#housefires #mercytremble #howtostartahousefire

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