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Sourcing the Best Ingredients for Your Custom Protein Bars | YouBar
10 Views · 15 days ago

⁣YouBar works with you to create a formula that meets all of the criteria for a professional market launch for your protein bar brand. Our Supply Chain Manager, Chris Werner, shows you how we source the highest quality ingredients as a leading protein bar co-manufacturer.

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The Value of Protein Bar Innovation  | YouBar
2 Views · 18 days ago

⁣At YouBar, we pride ourselves on offering the very best protein bar, energy bar, and nutrition bar manufacturing services in the United States. With a faster idea-to-market pipeline than any other player in the market, we are able to bring the most innovative formulations to life
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Introduction to YouBar Protein Bar Development and Co-Manufacturing (
25 Views · 23 days ago

⁣Co-packers are establishments that oversee the manufacturing and packaging of products for a brand. They work with your brand to manage almost all production operations from manufacturing to packaging and labeling, and, finally, to distribution of products.
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