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Lewie's Misadventures - Really Cosmos? You wanna repeat this again? -sighs-
5 Views · 11 days ago

In this series, your gonna witness my new adventures dealing wtih Dimension_Multiverse. Look forward to other videos from other series.

Selamat Hario Raya | Eid Summer Special | BLASTED FURBY.
6 Views · 11 days ago

This video in questin, was originally uploaded on the 23rd of June, during a gameplay session of Tattletail Roleplay. Please watch this hillarity, and i try to deal with this Frustrating Furby Ripoff. Tattletail Roleplay, was a game created, to recreate, the orginal location of what has been unofficiallly referred to as The Tattletail House. The main gooal of this game, is to roleplay, chronicle, and recreate, the events of that awful night, when Mama Tattletail sprung out of her cage, and started to become, a deadly hazard.

Temple  Car Procession
3 Views · 11 days ago

Here's a video th at was first released on YouTube. The video depicts, at the time, would be classed as a Silver Chariot Procession, that was showing passing through my neighborhood, during another normal day at the house. I hope you folks enjoy it. My apologies if its short, that's how i took it.

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