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Tech 02. How modern technology connects and evolves the world

30 Views • 10 June 2022
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#Modern Technology #AI #Camvito168 #TonSamith

Exponential tech advances will change the world faster than we think

We live in a world of exponentially increasing technological advancements. Never in the history of mankind have so many such advancements emerged in parallel and in combination, carrying so much impact.

The phenomena are marked in time: The timing from what once seemed impossible to possible and functional can become extremely short – sometimes measured in just days or weeks. Ever heard the maxim that internet years are like dog years, where one in actual elapsed time equates to seven? Exponential advancement is the reason.

Some exponential advancements are now so predictable, such as the rate of growth of computing power, that companies have baked in the expected advancements in their products. Similarly, it is fairly predictable that full genome sequencing today can be done for a few hundred dollars, as opposed to the thousands required in 2015, the millions in 2006, or the billions for the first full sequence in 2003. The speed of wireless communications will soon multiply by at least 10X, and deep learning will continue to exponentially advance in capability in the near future. And all of this is happening in concert. As a result, it has become harder and harder to develop new companies based on any of these advancements alone.

Article by: Norman Winarsky
Created by: Ton Samith

We created this tutorial for the educational purpose of learning how modern technology evolves the world.

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Editor: Ton Samith
Channel: Camvito 168
FB Page: Camvito168
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