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A Harley Rider Rides a New 2018 Goldwing DCT

304 Views • 17 July 2018
Richard Wing
Richard Wing

First of all Thank you to Naults Powersports in Manchester NH.

I got to spend a half hour trying out a new 2018 Goldwing Tour DCT. I normally ride a 2014 FLHTK.

The Good: This bike was like riding an Acura. The suspenion, Engine, and transmission kept eliciting the word smooth. It soaked up the all but the largest of craters and slid through the gears like a late model luxury car.
The Bad: Storage, this isn't your father's Goldwing. I think this has enough storage for 1 person to spend a few days on the road. I think if you spend a lot of time 2 up for extended periods you may need to search out more laundrymats than you're used to.
Overall: As a motorcycle, this thing is an A+, as a touring motorcyle, an A-. (But an A average will still get you into the ivy leauge)

A few people have stated that I am moving my head too much. Sorry, but I was in an unfamiliar area, on an unfamiliar bike. so I was trying to learn the bike while navigating an area I had never ridden in, all the while trying to tell you what I thought of it. So there's more than the average amount of head bobbing and looking around. If this makes you seasick, there are plenty of other videos out there about this bike.

Thank you for watching.

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